As you may know, a fire destroyed the Rutland Plywood Corporation that manufactured Dymonwood in August 2014 and there are no plans to rebuild. As time has passed, the availability of this product has practically disappeared. I was fortunate to find a company in Vermont that had over 740 board feet of 32 of the 50 colors that were produced. Having had previous experience turning some pens with this fine material I purchased the available stock and had it shipped to me in Georgia.
I have made and sold over 120 Dymondwood pens in the past and I know how well they sell so I am making this rare find available to my fellow IAP members.
For more information you can download the original Dymondwood catalog here.
You can see some of the pens I have made from this wonderful material here.
Below are the colors I have available. The 1" x 1" x 5" stock is pen blank size. These can be used as-is for straight cut pen blanks or three of them can be glued together and cut and glued per the instructions to create the pattern shown on the pens that I have made.
The instruction sheet for cutting the diagonal blocks can be downloaded here.
If you wish to just make the diagonal cut pen blanks, I suggest you purchase the blanks in multiples of three.
I would suggest you wear gloves when handling Dymondwood.
The splinters can be painful.
Once the blank is turned round the splinters are no longer a problem

All prices include free shipping with a minimum of 10 blanks purchase.
No shipping outside of US.
I will try my best to keep the quantities available up to date but all blanks are available subject to previous sale.
3/4 " x 3/4" x 5"
Pens I have made from this stock
$5.00 each
Free shipping for 10 or more blanks
3 Colonial Chestnut 10 CL163
9 Bahama Cherrywood 21 R202
14 Tropical Purplewood 43 M408
16 Vermont Marblewood 48 M388
Also available in up to 30" lengths.
18 Amazon Marblewood 13 C156
19 Crimson Ironwood 16 M410
22 Desert Stripewood 16 Desert Stripewood
28 Regal 22 M391
Also available in up to 30" lengths.
30 Magnum 25 M400
Also available in up to 30" lengths.
33 Desert Camo 25 M401
34 Sportsman Camo 20 Sportsman Camo
Also available in up to 30" lengths.
35 Agatewood 30 CL169
Also available in up to 30" lengths.
38 Fuchsia 7 M399
39 Aqua 38 M398
41 French Green 31 French Green
43 Apple Jack 40 M407
45 Tortoise 47 C153
48 Alabaster 4 M412
49 Bubblegum 54 C151
Also available in up to 30" lengths.
51 Madras 32 C150
Also available in up to 30" lengths.
52 Terracotta 52 M397
Also available in up to 30" lengths.
53 Tapestry 33 M409
Also available in up to 30" lengths.
  Black 28 M479
  Green 16 M427