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Handcrafted Pens by Larry
We make handcrafted wood, acrylic and polyresin cast pens
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Passionate about style and grace?
Looking for pens that fit your life as well as they fit your hand?
You've come to the right place.
Handcrafted Pens by Larry offers the best in fine pens for any budget.
Our pens are hand "turned" from the finest materials available. All of our wood products are made from domestic and exotic hardwoods, which we personally select for color, grain and figure. Every pen is handcrafted from start to finish in our workshop.
From choosing the finest material available to drilling, turning and shaping, finishing and assembling, each is its own work of art.
Finishing is a proprietary process utilizing an acrylic coating applied by hand to provide a long-lasting finish. We test every pen for balance, comfort and smoothness of the mechanism. Each item is made individually. No two are the same!

All pens are refillable with cartridges available at your local stationers.

We also have our pens displayed and for sale at the following locations:

The UPS Store - 3961 Floyd Rd. Ste 300 - Austell, GA

Thank you for your interest in my handcrafted pens.
Handcrafted Pens by Larry
3961 Floyd Road
Suite 300-246
Austell, Ga 30106
tel: 770-789-7467